Monday, September 29, 2008

I went to the premiere of this movie tonight.

The movie is well done, heart breaking and powerful.

The nation wide release it set for October 10th. Go to to see where it is.

For the most part it will only be in major cities. So please, plan the road trip if you need to. It will be worth your time. This is a movie to change history.

At this moment there are 27 million slaves. 1 million of them are trafficked through the US every year. We can end the slave trade. It will take decades, it will take patience, and it will require committed action. We can do it.

We can learn about the companies we purchase from. We can tell our legislators that we care. We can pray. We can fast. We can set people free. We can educate ourselves. We can all be activist. We can use our gifts to raise awareness. We can have less so that others can have more. We can participate in the change that needs to happen.

The movie is as empowering as it is informative. The cast is a crew of rock stars and artist as well as UN workers, victims, journalist, sociologist, politicians, and actors. They have sacrificed so much to make this happen and it is beautiful.

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