Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Shampoo Simplicity Update

(Seriously, this add it too funny.)

Well I did it Starting with January 23 I only washed my hair on Saturdays. (You can read the original post here. it was inspired by this post by The GOOD Chanel.) It was not life changing, but it was a challenge.

Each week went something like this:

Sunday - clean, almost dry/frizzy. I find it odd that I never noticed how frizzy my clean hair is.
Monday - still looking clean, easier to fix, less frizz: rinse at night.
Tuesday - still rocking the clean look: rinse at night
Wednesday - the front still looking clean, I need to straighten my bangs so they don't stick together funcky, but I need to do that anyway. The back is starting to feel a bit oily: rinse at night.
Thursday - time to bust out the french braid, but honestly it wouldn't stick in the braid if I didn't have all the oil to help me out, so that is perk: rinse at night.
Friday - I am so ready to wash my hair, but I let it be. The best plan is to curl it, and the curl hold like I have moose in. I can't decide if that is gross: rinse at night.
Saturday - french braid, high bun, and thank goodness for headbands. It is time to wash my hair and thankfully it is Saturday so I get to!! (Insert happy dance.)

My take aways:
  • It is very possible to do once a week and people will not notice or think I am gross.
  • I can would really prefer to only go 5 days not 7 days between washing. By Friday I was very ready to wash my hair.
  • Headbands, hats, the french braid, and buns are all fabulous things when attempting to use less shampoo.
  • At some point I seemed to have forgotten to use conditioner. I think I will use less and less of it as I go to the every 5 day plan.
  • I will save money washing my hair less, but I just can't make the jump to never, or even to just weekly.
  • Ultimately, I think washing my hair is a total creature comfort, and I am very grateful that I have the luxury of doing it.
Has anyone else tried it?? How did it go??


Sara said...

I'm so glad to know it went! It's amazing that you stuck with it for so long! Way to go!

Christine said...

Oh, love! You crack me up!
Way to stick with it ;)

Jaclyn said...

Other than Nick saying that my hair smelled greasy, I've enjoyed washing my hair less frequently. I've only lasted 5 days between washings and my biggest issue was with the bangs. If I didn't have bangs I think this would be the perfect solution for curly haired girls to stay frizz free. The oil seemed to drag down the curls eventually but with a good rinse and scrunch it usually perked back up. Thanks for the inspiration Sarah!

Alexandra Marie said...

ahh i tried doing this because i was on travel and i was just too lazy
buuut it generally was okay, but the last dayyy ohmygosh it was awful! i had to put my hair back in a ponytail! and i was on a bus the entire day so it probably ddnt help my hair hahaha
buut i think i will go back to washing and conditioning blowdrying and styling my hair every day... my hair seems to be nicer when i do that... haha :)

good idea though!


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