Thursday, March 17, 2011

The King's Speech

I saw this movie Christmas day and completely loved it! (My friend Lydia went with me and made fun of me for saying it was a sign that I was supposed to go to England this year, but whatever, it was, and clearly I need to talk about it, because soon I will be in England.)

I find the story and the marriage depicted to be inspiring. To be the wife of a King that had so much to overcome, and to be that wife when you had never intended to be. He wasn't supposed to be King. His brother was, she never intended to be the wife of the King and no one was ready for a full on World War. Nonetheless, she was the woman that stood beside the man that had to be King. She was the woman that helped the King find his voice when a nation in need needed to hear it. Seriously, this woman is amazing.

So cheers to you Queen Elizabeth.

And yes, the Europe theme blogs will stop soon, and by soon I mean at some point after my trip...

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Juanell said...

I hope you enjoy the trip, and keep blogging it helps me see into some of the precious brain of yours.

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