Tuesday, March 4, 2008


my heart is saddened by my dear states inability to vote well. 

Clinton? Really? I want the Audacity of Hope! I want a leader that believes in the people that he is leading (and if the leader were a she then awesome, but I will not vote for a woman based solely on her gender.)

Seriously Obama believes in the power of the American people to create change. So, for real, look into what he is saying. Stop listening to people who tell you that he is not a Christian, listen to his words, his speeches, and please Texas learn how to vote!! 


Adam said...

I think Obama will win more delegates in Texas than Clinton. And that's what ultimately matters. Yes, I was hoping for a knockout last night, but he'll still have a good delegate lead.

Sarah Ro said...

yeah it is crazy every news source say something different about how the delegates will go. But thanks for the message of encouragement!

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