Monday, March 24, 2008

evangelicals and their habitats

I just found a field guide to understanding evangelicals. I laughed so hard! It covered all the things about being an evangelical that I have mocked for so long yet it was odd to hear my life described as satire. 
I am still not sure how I feel about the fact that I am basically an evangelical, sort of. I think there are some messed up things going on in the evangelical church. The requirement that all Christians vote republican is dumb. I am not a republican. Objecting to body piercing but not ear piercing or plastic surgery is dumb. My nose is pierced and I have tattoos; I like all my body art. So I am not your typical evangelical. I don't read Left Behind books; I think they have really bad theology. I don't live in a suburb, and I don't want to. I did go to an evangelical college. I kissed dating good-bye in high school and my dating life seems to imply that I held onto that view of dating. I want to serve the poor and live like Jesus, some would say that is not evangelical, I feel like that is too harsh a judgment on the evangelical community. I do want others to know the joy of grace and love offered in Christ's life. I also want people to have all the opportunities they need to have a full life; in short I support government programing, and community development. 
I am fully aware that a great many Christians suck at following Christ, but is that because they are evangelical or because they are human? I don't want to let people off the hook. I want the world to change and I think that the Christians that are doing nothing need to rethink their view of the Scripture, but is being evangelical the same thing as being a Cultural Christian? I guess I am just curious as to what the term really means. Yesterday I was discussing the missional church vs the evangelical church. What does all this mean? I feel like too many people think they know the answer to that question but most don't actually know they have just decided that they do. 
Anyway if you ever see the book "A Field Guide to Evangelicals and their Habitats" pick it up. It is so funny! If you grew up evangelical you will relate too much and it will mess with your head.

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