Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well I don't have time to write all that I want. I just read Adam's blog about worship and it is crazy cause I was just thinking/talking about worship last night with a new friend and I really want to think through that here, but first I want to share a moment of JOY!

A dear dear friend has blessed my soul!! So a few posts back I mentioned this project I want to create. I am really excited about it but I am trying to be more careful with how I spend money. I totally didn't know that anyone would really read the blog because I had just started it and wasn't connected to anyone so that she would know to read it. But she did. (I really want to say her name but I am not sure that she wants me to make a big deal about her doing this.) Anyway she sent me some money to buy the supplies I need to make the art I want to!! 

This experiment in trusting God to give me whatever I need is crazy. 

So later on I want to get back to the worship discussion, cause seriously that one is huge. But for now i am just in awe of how God moves when we are obedient and willing to attempt to live simply. 

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