Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

as I run about my day, trying to read and promising myself that I will get stuff done, I pause to remember the price paid for humanity. 

So I read the account in Luke.

As I read the account in Luke I thought of how rejection feels. Like any other person I have tasted rejection, but unlike Christ I have never loved others selflessly. My heart aches to think of the man who was God, that chose to feel the emotions of a man and yet was capable of love beyond His humanity. I thought of how must it have felt to love the people who were calling for His death, and how must it have felt to know that we would take this gift for granted. It must have been pure pain to see his friends standing at a distance knowing that it hurt them to watch Him, but also knowing that they were not strong enough to be by His side. I am sure that in the history of all time no one has ever felt so alone. The nails must have hurt, but I am more awed that my Christ chose to be heart broken for us. 

There is no greater Love.

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