Monday, February 23, 2009

Being a 'Preacher Girl'

Preface: Growing up as a pastor's daughter, then going to a small baptist college, and then heading off to Truett I have spent a great deal of time around 'preacher boys'. A habit of preacher boys that tends to drive me crazy is how at almost any point in time they slip into conversations about the church- this would not be so obnoxious if they were not so cliquey about it. They tend to isolate the women around them and assume we have nothing to offer to the conversation.
(end preface)

A small group of us headed to grab a drink after worship tonight. As we sat around the table we chatted about work and ministry and all that. Then it happened: I became a 'preacher boy'!!! My friend Joe and I just jumped into it. We talked abut the state of the church, the future of ministry, the future of our ministries, how being a pastor has the potential of effecting our relationships, and on and on. My friend next to me moved over to another seat so that she could chat with the other people at the table, as we chatted away. He asked my opinion (and I gave some unsolicited thoughts as well), I was respected and valued the same as anyone else in the profession. I was a preacher girl- and although I do feel slightly bad that my other friends left the chat- it felt so good to be respected. It felt great to jump in and talk about my passion. It is good to be a preacher girl.
Thanks Joe.


Dan "Loppy Boy" Do said...

There is a growing community of people that are waking up to the sad reality that women are not just overlooked, but silenced and shunned for following their passion. Men (and boys) that don't agree but aren't voicing their disapproval of this are communicating (with their silence) that they are in agreement with the ones who silence women. I'm sorry that the type of acceptance you need is such a rare occurance for you.

JoeBumbulis said...

And thank you Sarah Ro for good conversation and thoughts.

BTW, I updated my links :)

David said...

Yes you are, and I am proud of you. Preacher Dad

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