Friday, February 6, 2009

introducing Mrs. Nonpareil

She is proper, and perfect. She sits on the front pew quiet as a church mouse all through her husbands well crafted sermon. She is the PTA secretary (being president would be too flamboyant). She married the her husband immediately after graduation and their life is pure bliss. She votes Republican. Dinner is served at 5 and she wears heals and pearls while she cooks and cleans (a lady must present herself well at all times).She has never done anything daring. She has impeccable etiquette. There is nothing remarkable about her, she is busy, and needs no attention for herself. She is convinced that a proverbs 31 woman is far too scandalous a lifestyle to pursue.
She is the woman my stubborn spirit refuses to be; while I secretly envy her.

1 comment:

ChristineCPK said...

I love it!
I think you actually look kinda Swing Kid fabulous ;)

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