Saturday, October 10, 2009


All of my life I have been an artist. Often I have been a perfectionist. Even worse, I have regularly left artistic dreams unfulfilled because the project was evolving imperfectly.

One such time of frustrating imperfection happened during my childhood/adolescence. I was in my grandmother's home. I am not sure how old I was, but old enough to think I knew a few things about life. I was crafting with my grandmother and making some sort of doll. The doll was a woman.

I was cramming cotton into the figure to make it the right shape. I was old enough to know that the boobs on my doll were supposed to be even.

As I let out an overly expressive juvenile groan of frustration my grandmother calmly informed me that I really should not worry about it. After all, her breast were uneven.

My grandmother is a survivor. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and they were able to remove it. She opted out of full reconstructive surgery. She is secure in the beauty of being stronger than a disease. In that moment she inspired me, and she still does.

I decided my doll was more perfect in her imperfection, and I left the cotton stuffing uneven.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you can give to the research please do. If you are woman check yourself regularly. If you are a man remember the women in your life and pray for them.

Grandma - I know you read this. I hope I did not embarrass you. You inspire me and I wanted to share your inspiration with anyone else that reads this. I love you so much. Thank you for fighting it.


l.borrego said...

Amazing, thank you for sharing this!!!

sweetsong said...

I love you and our grandmother. She is are you. Keep inspire.

Christine said...

so beautiful!

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