Monday, October 5, 2009


I will forever be perplexed by the concept of being in love. It is not that I have never fallen, in fact I do it once every few years. It is that I have never loved someone who has loved me, or at least been 'in' love with me. I have been loved by wonderful men, but none of them were 'in' love with me (Yes, I am that girl with deep and wonderful guy/girl friendships). So every now and then, as I attend weddings, and see comfortable couples sitting together on the BART, I wonder how it happens for some, and not for others. I wonder at the magic of finding someone. To many people this might sound naive; however, Solomon in his wisdom considered that way of a man with a woman to be one of the greatest forms of wisdom. If finding your way with the opposite sex is one of the greatest forms of wisdom then you have to agree that it must be at least a little complicated.


Just out of reach I see you
The story I cannot seem to write for myself

I see you
The tale that is not mine to tell

Just beyond my grasping fingers you are there
The promise that is not mine

It is not that I want you
It is that I am intrigued

How did you become who you are
While I was becoming me?

How did you fall into something so beautiful
While I was diving into something else?

Somehow you found that comfortable place
And I found that itch for more

You were written with someone to hold
I crafted tall tales of men to want, but never have

You are the story I thought I would live
Still you are the sun passing beneath the horizon
While I am gazing at uncharted space

It is not that I want you
It is just that tonight I am perplexed by you

Tomorrow you will be hidden by my work, my projects, my goals and my adventures
Tomorrow you will be a memory of dream, of dream

Tonight you are the mystery that I long to comprehend
Tonight you are the story I cannot write for myself


adam said...

it's a mystery to me.

sweetsong said...

Complex and transparent thoughts beautifully written

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