Monday, March 2, 2009

Morality and Holiness

I am currently pondering how it is that I have spent most of my life confusing morality for holiness. Even more I am currently pondering what holiness looks like if it is more than morality.

As part of my community's Experiments in Truth I am supposed to pick 3 experiments to participate in over the next 40 days. As I ponder this task I have come up with a few things I want to address in my life. However I have felt a stirring in my soul telling me that, more than changing some habits, my greater desire is to seek holiness.

The problem is that the more I think about creating a to-do list around the idea of holiness, the more I see that I cannot task out what it looks like to seek holiness.

I know there are a few passages that call me to holiness- specifically ones that say "be Holy, because I am holy." (Lev 11:44; 19:2; 1 Peter 1, just to name two of them) I know that I am called to seek holiness, but when I read of God's holiness as well as Jesus' life and sacrifice- morality seems to be a weak response to seeking holiness. I long for a response to God that is worthy of my Creator.

With that said and without any clear direction as to what this looks like I am going to continue to be moral person; I am also going to try to seek holiness.

As for my experiments:
  • I am going to try to get up earlier (my least favorite thing in the world is getting up in the morning) and be more aware of my time. I tend to loose track of what I spend my day doing, and I need to be more aware of this precious life.
  • I am giving up meat and sweets for Lent- and reading the Passion narrative daily.
  • I am going be intentional about encouraging other people- through notes and phone calls. The goal is to love people deeply and make sure I let them know how much I love them.

They seem really basic and I am having a really hard time getting motivated by them. Who knows, maybe they will surprise me and push me toward the holiness I seek.

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dani ray said...

Let's go on a date sometime soon and talk about the whole morality vs holiness.
loving u!

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