Thursday, March 6, 2008

I really was meant to teach

So I am a tutor and sometimes I get to teach lessons (our program is a little more intense than most tutoring programs out there). I love it when I get to teach. 

I am an intern for ReIMAGINE and this week I am hosting a student group. Through the week I get to do some formal teaching, but mostly just life style teaching. As we are hanging out, serving together and seeing the city we get to have real teaching moments. I love them. 

So just for a moment I am laughing at all the years I said I would never be a teacher. My mom is a teacher, my older sister is a teacher, I was never going to be a teacher, but I am one. 

It is such a huge responsibility. Their trusting eyes look up to me and expect that what I say and do will be truth. My seventh graders do this with math and the college kids are trusting me with directing their lives. Being in this position I feel so alive. I feel like I am doing all that I am supposed to, but it is scary. 

So dear Lord, help me teach well: in every choice and every action let my life teach. 

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