Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home and Fabulously Exhausted!

I want to tell you everything: every meal, every moment, every travel buddy mishap, every glorious connection with amazing community, every museum, every ache of carrying an over packed back pack, every blissful sight, and everything I learned. I am terrified I will forget it all before the words are put to the page, before you see the photos, before I am able to let it change me.

But today, I will say I am still soaking it in, and a bit speechless. I flew to Europe to live out my goal of a year of living a life of why not?. I went to see a dear friend (I spent much less time with her than I would have liked but we will see each other in Houston over the holidays). I went to celebrate healing and because celebration is a discipline. I went to see the world more fully. I went to be inspired. I went because I never went to Europe in college. I went because I could.

I wasn't sure what I expected, but somehow the trip was not whatever I didn't know I expected it to be, it was more. I am a better person for going and for the people that were part of the journey with me. It is crazy how just 10 days can do so much, but the last few days of the trip it became clear that God was moving and doing something. There is a small whisper I need to be listening to. God was there in unexpected ways: in the food, art, culture, and in some very special places, but mostly in people.

Soon there will be posts about coffee, chocolate, macarons, museums, neighborhoods, and food; but there will also be posts about people, and organizations, and the church.

Tonight there will be rest.

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