Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Not?

Chatting with Maggie, Rach and Jaklyn tonight the best question of the evening: why not? (There might have been other words in the question but I am editing because both my mother and grandmother are among my most committed readers.) Nonetheless, edited or not the question rings true: Why not? In response to most questions of weather or not you should take a risk the very valid response is: why not?

Why not, get a new tattoo?
Why not, go to Europe?
Why not, go speed dating?
Why not, try internet dating?
Why not, become a bike commuter?
Why not, pursue the degree you want?
Why not, dance?
Why not, get a pixie hair cut?
Why not, paint your hall way?
Why not, insert question here...

To be honest the three of us all have the advantage of being unmarried women in our twenties, and with that the question rings out all the more, Why not?

Why not, work a job you love?
Why not, try a new hobby or sport?
Why not, commit to something intimidating?
Why not, let your heart break be known?
Why not, risk your heart again?(!)
Why not, take advantage of the fact that no one is dependent upon you and for one brief moment your self-centeredness doesn't have too strong of an impact on anyone?

This will all change, we will someday have people who need us to be responsible, but for right now:

Why not, buy the super cute vintage candy dish, and put actual candy in it?! It isn't going to hurt anyone and I might just learn more about being alive in the process.

(Speaking of candy dishes, my dearest Rachel was in town this weekend and we might have gone shopping and I might have bought a dish like the one in the photo above, and I might love it. Maybe that happened, I mean why shouldn't it have?)

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Alexandra Marie said...

i agree with asking yourself why not :)
Taking risks and asking those questions make life interesting! That way of thought is basically what I live by especially since I chose to leave the states and go to Europe for college. That in itself was a risk and an amazing one at that!

-Alexandra Marie

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