Wednesday, January 19, 2011


All images found on Etsy and can be linked by clicking on the photo, but please don't buy my mugs, before I do. :)

My dearest Lydia moved out this weekend and took her coffee mugs with her. So, now I am forced to begin a little, mildly obsessive, hunt for the perfect mugs to go with the dishes and the look I am working to develop in my kitchen. It has me feeling like I am nesting: really making my apartment a home. In fact between picking out paint colors and new light fixtures, I am really getting excited about maintaining a home, even if it is a rental. Paying attention to all the details that make a Victorian flat hospitable both for the 4 of us that live here and for guests is very rewarding for me. (Who knew the crazy feminist, would be thrilled to spend her weekends figuring out the art of homemaking?)

Anyway, I am really into the mugs above, in fact I kind of want all 4 sets!! (That isn't over kill at all, is it??) However, I am so not sure about paying $15 shipping. (Ugh!) Does anyone know of secret inexpensive vintage places in or around San Francisco? I really would rather buy local.

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