Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kind of Perfect

Hitting up SCRAP, with three fabulous women. After a pretty rad coffee/brunch at Matching Half. I might have forgotten to eat or get coffee. I was really sleepy.

So I had to go get coffee after scrap.

I went with Rachael to Mojo.

Finally back at her place I made myself breakfast/lunch at 2 p.m. I might have been starving, and this might have been AMAZING. Two cage free organic eggs fried in butter, served over spinach and gluten free toast, with brie. So freaking fantastic.

Rach and I got to planning the decor for her super fun celebration on Monday. She had the most adorable and practical finds from CB2. I was jealous and taking notes for future shopping.

Than we got to crafting!! I am so excited about the garland I made with this fabric! It is going to be so beautiful at her party!

Now I am home: cleaning my very messy room, doing laundry, hanging with my roommate, and resting.

Today was kind of perfect.

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