Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apple Latkas (and other fun food)

As my kitchen filled with guests I had yet to grate the apples for feasting. I handed the grater off to my first guests and they filled the bowl with strips of organic green apple. Soon after I was wringing the apples out with cheese cloth as another guest watched curious about the process. Next thing I knew I passed the bowl off to the lovely Laura and the latkas hit the frying pan. It might not be the best hosting practice to cook with all your guests in the kitchen, but it is fabulously fun for me when I get to invite people into the creative process of cooking.

That was how my first grown up Christmas Eve party went and it was fabulous. I made some amazing apple latkas (I used a gluten free flour substitute, and yes, I know that it sounds more like a Hanuka party, but Jesus was a Jew so it is appropriate) and garlic butter mushrooms. I found the recipes at smitten kitchen and they turned out amazing! My friend Leah brought sweet potato latkas. (She used the corn meal as a gluten-free substitute, you should be aware that it changes the flavor, nonetheless they turned out just deliciously!). I think I will have to make all of it again and not reserve any of it for holidays as everything was just too good to not eat any time I want. After all isn't everyday a good day to eat good food?

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