Sunday, March 13, 2011

Warby Parker Glasses

So, it turns out I am far sighted. I will start wearing reading glasses at work. I am very excited about this because it gives me an excuse to finally get some nerdtastic eyewear.

Funny thing is: when I was at the optometrist I found the frames I wanted in all of 5 seconds, and they were Armani. Really???? Why do I have such expensive taste? Even after insurance covers $130 of it they are close to $300 (if I get non-reflective and scratch resistant lenses, and lets be real if I am spending $200 on glasses I want to spend the extra $45 to be sure they don't scratch). Clearly, I pondered the option. I mean I loved these frames, but it just feels entirely unreasonable.

So, I thought about it, and remembered that a few weeks ago I was at The Parish Trust (one of my favorite places on Davisidero, I want to own everything in the store!) and I tried on some glasses by Warby Parker. I LOVED them. They were very similar to the designer ones. I decided to go to their website to check them out and rethink my good taste. As it turns out I can order prescription, non-reflective, scratch resistant glasses for $95 AND help ensure that someone in need gets appropriate eyewear to help them out of poverty with Warby Parker's Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. Clearly I am excited, this might be some of the best news ever! By purchasing these glasses I can help someone see, therefore help them work, and help them live, and do it while getting beautiful vintage inspired frames for less money than I would have spent getting the designer frames.

Now I just have to decide which pair I want. The three above are my favorite. Anyone have a vote?

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