Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Entre Nous

Once upon a time I had a boyfriend that enjoyed reading graphic novels. I found this pastime to be peculiar and rather juvenile; however, it afforded me the joy of spending hours of my life meandering through a rather large bookstore. You see Waco, to my knowledge, does not have any sort of lovely small book stores, nor are their graphic novel shops: instead I could find my nerdy boyfriend sitting in BookAMillion reading graphic novels, and on a regular basis I did. In fact I was rather fond of the routine, I would run my errands, do whatever I needed to to than drive by the bookstore, if he truck was there I would stop in.

On most occasions I would have my homework and I would bust out my Greek flash card and study; on others I would wander over to the fashion and arts section and peruse. It was on one of these such occasions that I came across Entre Nous. It was a perfect little book for flipping through at the bookstore. For weeks I would walk into the store, find my boy than find my book. Each section is only a few pages long, it isn't a story so I don't have to follow a plot, fabulously fun quotes and pieces of advice are scattered are throughout. This book was a fabulous find, and the beginning of my desire to be more French.

It was a desire to be vulnerable, while still being mysterious; to be classy, yet flirty; to be fabulously put together and at ease at all times, while still being remarkably real; to be feminine and strong; to have that je ne sais quoi that only certain women have.

To this day I am convinced that some of the best life advice I ever received came out of this fun little book.

The nerdy boyfriend and I didn't last, but just two days after we broke up I drove by the bookstore and his truck was not there: I hopped inside and bought the book. (Side note: is was an unexpectedly great break-up book.) Over the years I have loaned it to a few lovely ladies and we have all loved it, so much so that I am pondering a reread as I get ready for to go to France next week. It really is an inspiring little treat.

~au revoir~

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ChristineCPK said...

First of all" FRANCE NEXT WEEK!!! Yayyyyy!!

Second: Sounds like a fun read! I'll have to give it a whirl. Thanks for the rec :)

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