Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Evening Post

(Note the date Feb 3, 1923! Amazing!)

Waking up this morning I stayed in bed as late as I could and missed my buss to brunch. I managed to get to the TL without making my friend wait and found my desired brunch location by looking for the hipsters. I spotted one [a tall guy with skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, and a news boy hat] and walked over to Brenda's French Soul Food. At 9:15 I had beat the wait and only had 3 names before me. Brunch included a goat cheese and shrimp omelet with grits and community coffee. The menu reminded me of the summer I spent in Alabama, and trips to New Orleans. It was a splendid start to a beautiful San Francisco Saturday.

Later in the day I sat in the park at the civic center, sipped coffee in Cole Valley, road my bike through Golden Gate Park, hung my feet over the cement wall at Sunset beach and lazed about my house planning to clean my room at some point. There are photos but my phone is refusing to load them... so instead I am posting an image from the Saturday evening post in 1923. I think it is kind of awesome, much like my Saturday.

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