Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow and Grace

(Found on Pinterest)

Snow makes the world white and new again, than we walk in it, muck it up, bring the dirt to the surface, it gets ugly, a new layer falls and it is beautiful again, until spring, than the world is green and growing.

Years ago, living in upstate New York we would talk about snow as an image of grace. It covers us, we make it dirty, and it still it returns to cover us, until the time has come for the earth to give way to new life, life that has been waiting under the layers of dirt and snow.

San Francisco might have snow this weekend. I want to see snow here. I want to see the city I love covered in an image of grace.

My heart has needed a bit of a reminder of what grace looks like these days, and snow or no snow I am grateful to see that no matter where I live, I can still remember how grace works: it covers us, we muck it up, it covers us again, and in the right time new life emerges from it.

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