Monday, April 20, 2009

The Rescue

3 years ago- I slept on the ground in Downtown Waco
2 years ago- I slept in a card board box out side of Austin
this weekend- I am not going to sleep

Why the random updates on odd sleeping arrangements?

I was participating with thousands of people in the US to raise awareness for the Invisible Children- child soldiers forced into slavery by the LRA in Uganda.

This weekend we are at it again.

First we commuted in solidarity with children that cannot sleep in thier own homes for fear of being abducted from their beds; then we slept in make shift refugee camps to remind the world that displacement is not a permanent solution; this weekend we will wait to be rescued. Over a 1000 of us will wait for someone of power to care that we are sleeping in a park- waiting for them to acknowledge the heart breaking war- waiting for President Obama to take a stand on the longest running war in African history.

I am hopeful- I know that people sleep in the parks of my city every night without rescue- nonetheless I will ask for rescue, and I will wait.

Check out the website to learn more:
Join us if you can- it will change your life.


Jamie said...

There's one happening in my city tonight. I really wanted to go--I can't, but I hope and pray it goes SUPREMELY well with you! Invisible Children for the win!

Simple Diva said...

thanks for the support!

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