Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reflecting on the $1 Challenge

This is a bit late but here it is:

As the week began I made the statement to a friend that I could never really be poor- society would not allow it. I am too involved in my privileged class. As my last post reflects I am using the term privilege loosely to include all of us that have a college education, have ever owned a car, have the freedom to choose to be poor for a week (most people that live on a $1 a day don't do it by choice). I realize these things might not sound like a lot, but when statistics say that anyone with a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, and a refrigerator are wealthier than 75% of the world- I would have to say I am rich.

With that said here is how my eating and socializing went last week:
  • Sunday- Amy threw a dinner party
  • Monday- Leah's brother was in town, we went to a hookah bar- they knew I was trying to not spend money- they paid
  • Tuesday- Jen made me a great rice and bean dinner
  • Wednesday- we had dinner at staff meeting
  • Thursday- I was invited for wine and tasty treats to discuss a women's conference coming up this summer (PURE- it is going to be beautiful!)
  • Friday- I stayed home b/c you can't do anything social for a dollar- I chatted on the phone with a friend and watched old Grey's episodes I was behind on (it was a great night! I had the apartment to myself and probably would have stayed in even if I had money!)
  • Saturday- Rachel bought me coffee and a coconut at this amazing coffee club in the Sunset (Trouble Coffee) We went to the beach. I broke my $ by getting my groceries. I had to do it Meg had a car!! Cars are so great when you need to buy groceries!! (however I waited on eating the groceries till Sunday so I could at least feel like I hadn't busted my $1) I almost broke the $ again by going dancing (I have decided recently that I should dance more! It is so fun.) Instead I went over to one of my best friend's houses to paint. We painted and had a much needed chat- another wonderful night.
Where in the course of that week do I even slightly appear to have experienced poverty!?!?! No where. Not once. I couldn't buy my coffee, I had to make it; I couldn't grab a drink when I was thirsty, I had to drink water; I skipped out on dancing; seriously- I hung out at the beach and painted, other people provided me with great food. It was a beautiful week, and I am grateful for it.

I might try again soon- and this time not allow others to pamper me. Who knows maybe God just wants me to experience abundance. Statements of that nature make me uneasy- I believe that God desires abundance for all people. Why am I part of the 25% that experiences it so freely?

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Christine said...

It's hard to know what to do with all that we've been given, isn't it?
The other day, I was trying to count how many minutes in a 24 hours period I was uncomfortable (hungry, cold, hot, etc). Not very many.
I guess we can start with thankfulness...

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