Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some thoughts on The Rescue

I woke up shivering with moist eyes- you might say I was crying.
my bed was the passenger seat of my friends car- a car the served us well this weekend
my toes were numb, and so was my arm
I had dreamed that I had missed my mother- when I found her she was so sad that she invited me to just lay with her and cry a bit
Then I woke up- it was possibly 3 am- the camp site was quiet
We were waiting to be rescued and no one was coming
The car was protecting me from the biting wind- but over a 1000 others laid out in the cold
I had abducted myself to say that the children in Africa matter
My dream reminded me that I do not know there pain
My tears humbled me with the reality that I live a safe life- I have missed my mother many times over the years, but she has not been taken form me, nor was I stolen from her
She is safe in her bed tonight and only by my own choice was I without mine


Christine said...

it breaks my heart that I wasn't able to be there with you guys, but its so beautiful to see how many came together for those women in Uganda I love so much!

David said...

Very impressive young theologian. Experience does create awareness. Thank you for doing exegesis with more than just words.

Candace Shaw said...

I am so glad you were able to do this. I am sad that I wasn't able to be there with you this time. I miss you.

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