Saturday, May 9, 2009

2 am and she calls me cause I am still awake

I call- I call out to my laptop
well not really- I just noticed that it was 2 am- I should be sleeping- it made me think of the song
I left dancing early to sleep
but I got home and got online- like the addict I am
I reread my goals for 2009 that I posted on New Years Eve
Goal 1: write meaningfully - at least I think it was number one- it was up there- at the top
well I have not written since The Rescue and my entries before then had been sparse and weak for a few weeks at least
so this week I will write daily
I mean it
I mean it because writing here forces me to process creatively the powerful, beautiful and the mundane as I interact with all of it
I have thought of posting the random things that get said to me on the streets daily- they would make you all laugh, or be horrified- but I am not sure if they would constitute meaningful- well the man declaring that I will die when she dies (whoever she is) I am sure he thought his message was meaningful- but really is it?

Still this is my 2 am rant (btw: I have not been drinking) more it is my promise- next week I will write, and it will not be gibberish- it will be my truth (I am reading eat, pray, love- some of the best words in the book are the admonishment to speak your truth- so that is what lies ahead, get ready)

love you all- that phrase reminds me of a chat I had with my friend Kates- she is studying this whole emergent people blogging obsession- and one question she asked dealt with the idea that in writing this thing I assume I have an audience- funny I do kind of, and I assume that whoever you are, if you are reading this, I either love you- or I believe that if I knew you I would love you- I wonder what that says about us blogger types? but like I said it is 2 am- I should not be awake

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Christine said...

I know how you feel! Writing helps to clear my head & makes me a more thoughtful person-- and I always promise myself I will do it more often. I noticed recently that I have been averaging 2 posts a month. Not exactly regular =(
Keep it up, friend!

(And I love you, too!)

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