Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All that I can say right now

Every few weeks I teach Sunday school at my church (at least I am starting to, also I attend 2 faith communities, long story, anyway back to the actual story I am telling). A few weeks ago the lesson was about Hannah. I focused on how it is okay to be sad (a lesson I feel that all 4-year-olds should learn, most grownups should learn it as well). As I prepared for the lesson I felt like God was gently telling me: it is okay that you are broken, it is okay for you to cry out to me. Hannah cried out so desperately that she appeared to be drunk; therefore, it might be okay if I fall apart a bit, just as long as when I cry out I am crying out to God.

Funny how quickly I forget these little lessons. This past weekend, I was a broken mess, pretending to be fine. I was not fine. Still, sitting in church on Sunday so much of the liturgy served as a reminder that God will take any sacrifice I will give, even if it is my broken heart.

So, generally I don't post Christian songs or lyrics or anything, but this song is definitely speaking to my heart.

Lyrics | David Crowder Band - All i can say lyrics

Some fun side notes: 1) David Crowder Band leads worship at UBC in Waco where I attended church while I was in seminary. 2) Dutton was the "b-team" band that would fill in for them when they were on tour. 3) Dutton is the name of the street UBC is on.


"L" said...

I like your post.
I'm sorry your sad.
Your three facts make me happy.

Simple Diva said...

L - thank you sweet lady. The three side notes make me pretty happy, too.

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