Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Fun-day

A few weeks ago (maybe months ago) I posted about loving my Sunday morning rituals and how they get my week off to a good start. For weeks (maybe months) I have not been able to maintain my desired rituals, and somehow many of these Sundays have been even more beautiful than my ritual sets them up to be.

This morning I woke up grumpy, Sundays seem to have this effect. I texted two friends to determine my plan for the morning and Rachel was going to be at church at 9... it was 8:15 when I got this message.In a rush and a flurry I got up and went to church. The sermon was on the Song of Songs and more specifically desire and sexuality. I needed to hear it. I really appreciated our pastors approach to the subject. Song of Songs is one of my absolute fave books of scripture so my reflections on the sermon require their own post on a later date. Nonetheless, it was good for my soul, and I will tell you about it soon.

But for now I am posting on my spontaneous after church trip to Indie-mart with the fabulous Lydia Pierce. We went to meet up with some of her friends and ended up making some new friends as we shopped. I have to say I love Indie-Mart. It is so fun and inspiring. I love being around handmade creative design and vintage stuff. It really does make my heart sing! I also love being around people that value hand made and authentically old stuff. Add to that music, crafts, drinks, food and a rare sunny day in San Francisco, it was fabulous.

Here are some pics of what made today fun.

(I made paper mustaches with Lydia courtesy of Broke Ass Stuart, because I am young, broke and beautiful!)

(This is fun vintage stash was brought to you by Little Curiosities , seriously I covet stuff like this!)

(This lady had some great vintage dresses, no shop in the city as of yet. You can check her out online at Jazz Boogie. I loved her stuff.)

(The Workshop was there with DIY Terrariums, and I am taking their class with Robyn this week to learn how to make my own. Joy!)

(I had no cash, so Lydia bought me lunch from Thee Parkside: pulled pork, vegan chili, and a margarita. It was an odd combo, I know, but so good.)

After Indie-Mart we enjoyed the sun at Delores Park, and I ate dinner with Leah. Overall, I have to say it was a fabulous day.

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sweetsong said...

You look good with a mustache. ;-)

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