Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dallas in Review part 1

(The Pearl Latte, rated the Best Latte in Dallas by D magazine, I agree.)

(Logo, obviously.)

(If I lived in the Big D now I would sit here on my laptop.)

(When I went back on day two, because it was that good, I flirted with the cute guy behind the counter.)

Once upon a time I lived in Dallas. I enjoyed plays, opera, concerts, and museums. I do like Dallas; however, most of the time I ate at chain restaurants and drank Starbucks. I had a favorite Starbucks that was super close to the SMU campus. I went to regularly because it was so far away from my college campus that I could actually get some studying done, no one there knew me. I studied for all my abnormal psych tests there. Anyway, here is my point: I discovered an entirely new Dallas on this trip and I loved it!! It was unpretentious, organic, local food and all kinds of flavor. I got some fun photos on my one day of roaming.

The above images were taken over a fabulous latte with Tori at The Pearl Cup, a place suggested by Lydia. The chat was a fabulous pre-wedding day catch up. We talked about life and love and hope and change and everything in between. It was the perfect caffeinated and sentimental way to kick off my time in Dallas.

Now for the latte: I really wish I could describe how lovely the latte was. It has a gloriously smooth texture, a bit creamy and it's unexpected flavor in an intentional mystery. Hints of vanilla and utter joy were about all I could pick up.

Well, I am a bit tired now so you will hear about my other food/drink adventures later.

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