Monday, July 19, 2010

Wooing Me in my Rush

(I took this tonight, it somehow captured my mood.)

This week is going to be full. I worked until almost 8 tonight. I am working until 7 tomorrow. Wednesday I have a class at Workshop. Thursday I have 2 meetings after work (both a mix of business and pleasure, I am finally getting a logo done for simplediva!!). Friday I have the night off except for the part where I will be working on finishing details for my weekend plans. Saturday and Sunday I have a wedding shower and a baby shower on top of teaching about human trafficking at the John School (First Offender Prostitution Program) add to that dog sitting this weekend and I am booked.

Funny thing is I am supposed to be taking time off from my tribe so I can rest. To be honest I have had some rest, and helping with parties gives me joy. But here is the most significant part: I feel that God is aware that I am seeking to love more and God is opening those doors even in my rush.

Today was shaping up to be an emotionally challenging day, when my friend Dan invited me to join his community group tonight for a potluck in Delores Park. It was a super chill night. Most of the food was chips and hummus, with some fabulous box wine from Bi-Rite. Alongside the modest fixings was inspiring conversation. Adam Snell and I chatted about teaching justice in the church and creating more effective blogs, websites, and even for profit businesses to fight human trafficking. I chatted with others about art and our crazy lives in general. I swung on the swings and I wore gloves massively too big for me to fight up the chill of the summer evenings in San Francisco. Overall impressive in its un-impressiveness.

I know this doesn't sound like anything too amazing, but it was. It was amazing because it felt like I was being wooed by my Creator reminding me of how happy I can be and how full my life is and reminding me that I am loved by so many people.

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Jaclyn said...

.. and loved you are. So excited for you in this time of fullness and energy. When your schedule clears I look forward to our brunch!

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