Friday, July 30, 2010

Making Stuff and Making Friends

(I could caption all the photos, but really do I need to? I think not)

A week ago I took the terrarium making class at workshop with the lovely Robyn. Before heading over we went to the Green Chili Kitchen. (I am just mentioning that because I love that place and you should go there.) Anyway, it was a fabulous night! The instructor was gloriously fun, and all the materials were provided. She had gone gone shopping at Goodwill to get us all our glass options. (1. I love upcycling. 2. I really really love that I got to turn an old coffee pot into a terrarium!!) Plus, they gave us little zines so we can make our own terrariums at home any time we like.

This was my second class at workshop and I love how comfortable and communal the whole thing feels. Everyone is so chill and just happy to be creating something. I had so much fun I made an extra one. Oh, but most importantly I got to create something with a new friend.

I cannot express how much creating things is a healing process (especially when those things involve tiny little cake toppers). It means even more when that creation happens with new friends that are excited to walk beside you, even when they barely know you, as you heal.

Anyway, I can't wait to pick another class to take. I am thinking screen printing or sewing or if the do another ginger beer class I am so there!!

Some things you might should know: charcoal keeps terrariums from smelling bad and the best books on how to make terrariums are apparently the old school 1970's originals (at least that is what the instructor said, I have not personally done a comparison).

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