Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is still Saturday, (becasue I haven't gone to bed yet)

I spent the day at Fort Mason and I got to see the beautiful sail boats that fill our little bay. Boats bring joy to my soul. I was there to enjoy the Renegade Craft Fair with Tracy and Lydia. It was fabulous and inspiring (as all hand made things are). I ended the evening with the lovely Laura watching Amy perform in the Magic Flute and than eating at Mel's. I cannot say that I love the San Francisco staple that is Mel's drive in, but the rest of the day was good for my heart.


Melanie Hopson said...

Did going to Mel's subconsciously prompt you to read my blog last night? thanks for the California love.

Simple Diva said...

haha not sure I just realized I have not been reading my friends' blogs that much and I like to hear your thoughts.

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