Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Next Project

I saw this project on Oh Joy! yesterday and I HAVE to do it! I am completely taken in my the challenge to fill a sketchbook and share it on tour. What will I fill these pages with? I have no idea but I am determined to do it. I simply have to. It just feels like the type of project I need to get me to put something I create out there in a way that someone (other than my friends) will see it and maybe it will speak to them. Or maybe it will just speak to me, the challenge of creating a little book to share with the world. I like it.


Jenny said...

I'm planning on doing this too! Which theme are you choosing or are you gonna just have them choose for you?

Simple Diva said...

coffee and cigarettes or great hopes and massive failures or nighttime stories or make mine a double... so many options and they all look fun.


Jenny said...

I can't decide....I like great hopes and massive failures, secret codes, and nighttime stories.

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