Wednesday, August 25, 2010

more economy thoughts

So here is my other issue I am pondering, low wage workers in a world a of DIY simplicity.

I have always felt that having a maid is lazy, I should just clean up after myself. Going out to eat is lazy (but I love it) I should eat at home. There are about a million tasks a day that I could pay someone else to do (if I had infinite money, I don't but for the sake of this rant lets pretend). However, I feel that if I were to do that it would seem that I am terribly lazy. Nonetheless, when you pay a skilled worker to do a task you are providing them with work and a paycheck.

Example 1: I desperately want to start dropping my laundry off at the place around the corner from me because I hate doing laundry, but I can't because:
a. I don't really have the money. (Sorry, I failed at pretending.)
b. it feels like an unjustifiable luxury.
Here is the catch: the laundry guy needs a job. He needs to feed his family. He needs people (me?) to bring in clothes for him to wash. Nonetheless, I do my own laundry.

Example 2: I have a ton of clothes that need altering. I am hoping to take a sewing class so that I can do it myself. Problems with this plan:
a. I am don't really think I am good seamstress.
b. The taylor I am not taking my clothes to needs the work I am depriving him/her of.

Speaking in braod generalizations, when the economy went bust low level entry level jobs busted with it. Coffee shops are being staffed by people with masters degrees while youth that should have those job are unemployed. This also applies to restaurants and retail stores.

When we cut spending we generally cut it in areas that provide work for low skilled and specialized workers.

So this is not a complete thought, but I wanted to think in print and invite you into my thoughts.

Once upon a time, when my grandmother was growing up, you went to the store and handed the clerk a list and they brought you your groceries. This provided job security. Now people pick up less than 12 items on purpose so they can use the self check out, this saves you time and the company money, while it eliminates the need to hire low skill workers.

I am just a bit flustered that most of the solutions to debt and a busted economy seem to effect low-skilled workers more than the wealthy. I am not loving that, and I am not sure what to do about it either.

The good news is my desire to live simply is encouraging me to have my shoes resoled instead of buying a new pair. At least the cobbler is getting some job security out of this.

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