Monday, August 23, 2010

I am sorry I forgot you

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

As I mentioned a few weeks back I am starting a new project (as if I do not have enough projects going). The Sketchbook Project seriously is my new obsession. I am so excited about it.

Fun story: I was being responsible and waited to sign up until after I had my last pay check. Well, I had not realized this would result in many of the themes I was interested in no longer being available. However, losing these options helped me see a new option I had not noticed before: "I am sorry I forgot you". I love it! I had to choose it, really, there was no other option. (If you did not think that was a fun story, sorry, it was just a story. Now back to the blog post.)

Over the next few months I will be filling a moleskin sketch pad with images, phrases, and thoughts that capture this theme. I am hoping to dedicate much of my work to beautiful trips down memory lane to rediscover lessons I learned all over the world, in school and in various relationships. I am excited! In fact I am thrilled. Yay! for drawing.

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