Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are we doing it? Are we giving the world a symmetrical, authentic, fully-formed image of Christ? There is still time. Spiritual growth is not a matter of chronology alone. It’s a matter of spirit. Of heart. Of who you are to the next person you meet. In the next crisis you face. In the next moment you live. ~ Lloyd John Ogilvie, The Magnificent Vision ~

I feel lately that I have made a bit of a mess, just a tad bit of a ruckus. I am not sure that I have represented Christ well. Still, each morning I remember that God's mercies are new, and I will need them to be new each morning, because every morning I wake up I have 24 more hours of possibilities and they might not work out too well, but than again they might. It isn't too late to represent Christ in the life of the next person I meet or in the next moment I live. This is grace, this is mercy, to live in my mess, and make a mess, knowing that it isn't too late to do it right.

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Chef, Interrupted said...

Those are words I need to hear. It can be so hard to move forward from a place where I wish I had a do-over.

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