Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's the Little Things

I am taking a quick break to post these flowers. Why? Because my co-worker Carin brought them to the office and put them in a little jar for me, and it makes me happy.

Now, I would like to give you some context for why these flowers make me so happy. This time last year I was in a total panic. I didn't have a job and barely had hopes for one. I was applying with the place I work now, but knew they had received hundreds of resumes within hours of the idealist posting. I had basically given up on my life in San Francisco. My bags were as good as packed. (By that I mean in storage because I was couch serving; aka: the 'new homeless' - mid-twenties, well-educated, and broke.) I was planning my move to Kansas City. My amazing friend Candace was sending me links daily to help convince me that moving to KC was not the actual end of the world.

A year later, somehow I wasn't offered the job I was applying for, but I was offered a part time contracting position with the hopes that maybe they would be able to offer me a job. Before heading home for Christmas I was offered the job. Almost 9 months later I have loved growing in my new career and working with fabulous people, who sometimes bring me flowers.

I am so very grateful.

*side note: Candace & Scott Shaw, plus this Design Sponge City Guide really make me want to check Kansas City out in person, but I still like that I live in San Francisco.

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