Friday, August 20, 2010


Another post about wanting rest and solitude. I know, I know, I am responsible for my own life it is it my own fault that I am begging my life to give me some sweet solitude. (Which feels like a crazy thing to ask for when I have to admit I am lonely in a way I have never felt before and it is not a nice feeling, but anyway.) My soul is begging me for some alone time.

I used to have so much of it. Studying is often a solitary activity, painting is a solitary activity, job hunting is a solitary activity. I used to have so much time by myself it was driving me crazy! Now I am longing for it, patiently and desperately. Trying to find the balance between seeking new energizing friendships and my own desire for rest.

I would like to say this weekend will offer me some rest, but that would be ever so optimistic considering the list of activities I plan to engage in. Dancing tonight, teacher training tomorrow, Tom's Birthday dinner, teaching Sunday school, Rock Make and/or Stern grove; it is a full weekend per my usual. I am hoping for at least one long run and a solitary trip to the farmers market. That will offer me some alone time, but seriously I am starting to stake out inexpensive locals for a silent retreat.

Does anyone have suggestions for where I can go?

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