Thursday, August 12, 2010

(I am a picture thief and I stole this off Jule's facebook. It so perfectly captures the essence of them. They are a casual lovable couple, perfectly at ease with each other. He loves to surf and she loves to actively present in every major adventure life throws her way. I feel like this picture captures all of that well.)

I am off to enjoy the wedding weekend for these two amazing people! I can't believe this time last year they barely knew each each other, and I was plotting away with his brother and her to get them to go out. They were clearly meant to be. (I love the memory of casually asking her what she would say if her called her and if she would mind if I passed along her number. She played it so cool, but was already smitten.)

In an effort to be fully present I will not be posting until after the weekend is over. However, this is just a taste of what is ahead:

Bachlorette Extravaganza including: making our own shirts, chasing adventures down hwy 1, margaritas at the Velvet Cantina, dancing in the mission, followed by brunch. Followed by the basics of rehearsal around lunch, a long leisurely break and dinner in the evening. Sunday we will take our time getting ready for the fabulous evening wedding and some ridiculous dancing.

Adding to the joy of the weekend, one of my favorite people is the photographer (the wonderful Melody Hansen, her wedding was last year and was also a glorious celebration.) This means I get to sneak away for quality time with this wonderful woman while she is in the Bay Area (LA stole her from me a few months back.)

It is going to be extraordinary and I don't want to miss a minute of it. So, I will not be posting until Monday, although admittedly I will probably upload some pics on facebook as the moments of joy compel me.

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