Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new economy - a self reflective rant/the conflict within

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but it just keeps getting pushed back to a time when I will have the time to really, and I mean really process it.

But in truth, I am just not sure how to really get into all my thoughts on wanting to create a new economy, while not having the money to really buy all fair, all local, a independent designed: all new economy stuff. I also don't have the time to work a full time job, really love on my friends, participate in the service I desire to give my life to, live in community with Christians, allow myself some much needed self-care, and make all my own stuff.

Add to that, I must confess I love my stuff, and I love day dreaming about beautiful things that someday I will own. I love to simply appreciate ways that someone else was creative. I want to support designers and new ideas. That means I need to buy their stuff. I want to enjoy beauty and amazing food, and all the adventures that life affords (and sometimes doesn't afford) me. That means I have to spend money in a system that I don't always respect, but how can I expect that an artist will ever be able to live off their craft if I refuse to buy it?

I am so grateful that I live in a land of plenty in a world where people create beautiful things, in a city with a red bridge and amazing creativity. But I also live in a city with empty homes while people are homeless, with overpriced hotels hosting hoards of tourist while people sleep on the street. I am not sure that it really is selfish to say that 4 women to one home is enough and I can't let homeless people sleep on my couch.

The tension grows with the reality that I am having a ton of fun with the direction this blog is going. I love posting on my artist crushes, my latest creative projects, and the adventures that fill my days. I love that I know people that cook fabulous meals and make jewelry. It brings joy to my heart to see that we live in a shockingly beautiful world. Still, I sometimes fear that as I highlight my new fave thing I am encouraging a world that has forgotten the least of these.

With this I pray give us today our daily bread. A prayer for enough for us, plural, to have just what we need. To not be jealous, to take only our fair share, to be grateful for enough. I pray this as a request for contentment and direction. I pray this knowing that I live in a system where if I stop buying someone else stops being paid to work, and if I take more than is mine someone else will go hungry.

So this my my rant. I hope it makes some sense. It sounds crazy to talk of starvation alongside pretty flowers and my desire to buy art, nonetheless it is the conflict I am living in. Conflict is a good thing, at least that is what I am telling myself.

Check out the link below. It is part of what keeps stirring these questions.


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