Monday, August 30, 2010


(A still from the movie just, a depiction of her wedding portrait of them.)

Last night I started watching the movie Frida. I was unable to finish it because my DVD player does not always cooperate with my plans for movie watching, whatever. I was able to get far enough into the film to remember why I am so drawn to this women's work. She is such an intense figure and her love for Diego is heartbreaking. It is shocking to watch a woman love a man that she knows cannot be faithful. I loved her work so much when I saw it at the SFMOMA last year.

So I am posting just a few of her works that I love. To be honest I am not posting some of the ones that I am most drawn to, because they are almost too shocking and heartbreaking for me to circulate here. I know it is odd, but some of her work is just too powerful to not be seen in person, and too intimate to share. Viewing her paintings last year I felt like I was inside her soul and honestly, like I wasn't invited to be there.

I will start with my absolute favorite. I hope you are inspired by her honesty and hopefully someday you will all of her work. It is brutal, and beautiful.


bonniekate said...

I love this woman. such a strong female figure, so tragic.

Jaclyn said...

ahhh, she inspires me to no end.. and the film.. so beautifully done.

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