Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dallas in Review Part 2: Lunch

(Menu for All Good Cafe, obviously.)

(Chips and queso bring joy to my soul and remind me that I miss Texmex.)

(Montado Breakfast: Heuvos Rancheros over a piece of steak, so good!)

(Those are paper cranes hanging from the ceiling. If I were braver I would have gotten a photo of our vintage dress wearing and super helpful waitress. Someday I will be that level of a blogger. Nonetheless, you get the idea, great chill atmosphere.)

After my Pearl Cup latte with Tori, Jenny got into town and we headed to All Good Cafe for our lunch. I feel like a bit of a nerd sharing my food adventures with you, but really what is more fun than discovering new things and sharing a meal with friends?

This little bit of Austin in Dallas is located in a nearly deserted but once hopping Deep Ellum. Now, I love Austin and would rarely offer the praise of comparing the ubber polished Big D with the wonder that is Austin. (I mean how does such a liberal city become capital of a conservative state? Really, Austin you are an anomaly). Anyway, this place is taste of Austin in Dallas that in reality is perfectly Dallas. Good down home country cooking in the city, complete with steak for breakfast/late lunch (hipster brunch at 1, say what?).

So you may ask "What makes All Good Cafe so good?" And if you don't the menu will tell you anyway as it proudly boasts local suppliers, quality ingredients, and their culinary inspirations. It is farmers market fresh and you can taste it. Add to that the place is completely devoid of the usual Dallas pretentiousness, our waitress was supper helpful, the coffee was great, (a total must), their were a ton of options on the menu, the prices where good and the servings were huge! I should not have finished my meal, but I did.

In short, if you are ever in Dallas go check it out!

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