Monday, July 26, 2010

Artist Crush

For ages my friend Rachel has been telling me that I needed to meet her friend Jaclyn. It finally happened a few weeks ago as we were both working to help coordinate details for the wonderful Rachel's birthday trip to Pie Ranch. As I was reading through the multitude of emails going over ride details I noticed her web address at the bottom of an email. Curiosity compelled me to look at her work (really I had no choice). I was smitten! Huge blog/artist crush! Much of her work is based off her experience in Uganda and it is amazing. I just love all things block and screen print, and I really have a thing for Polaroids. So clearly, I adore her work. To add to my artist crush, we actually have hung out since than and she really is fabulous.


Christine said...

Ummm, agreed!! I LOVE that piece (Taking Flight), and when I get a little more time, want to check out that blog. So fun! Can we share crushes? ;)

Jaclyn said...

Is it a crush if the person really likes you a lot back?? :)

Simple Diva said...

jaclyn, I looked up crush on urban dictionary, it seems that it is not a requirement that they be unrequited. So we can mutually crush on each other. I hope Nick doesn't get jealous.

Jaclyn said...

well that's a relief. :)
looking forward to our girl date.

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