Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coffee Please

(These photos were taken last Saturday morning. I was already running late
so don't tell my friends I stopped here, but it was lovely.)

I have stopped off at Sight Glass twice. My first time was a coffee fail and a service score, my second time was fabulous on both accounts. I kind of love that they use an ipad for their cash register, but more than that it is good espresso with smiling service.

During my first visit the coffee buyer was there and he chatted with me about why they are going with direct trade over fair trade, and how much he cares about the workers being paid well as well as the coffee being the best quality. He warned me before he made it that they were having issues with the machine and was kind of adorably upset with himself when he made me a less than stellar espresso. Sadly, I was in a rush and he couldn't redo it, so it was free (that part was not sad, I am never sad to have a free americano). When I went back this past weekend my latte was fabulous, and the service was just as wonderful as it had been the time before.

I also had fun taking photos.

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