Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tomorrow I fly Home!!

Reading list for the trip:
The Fire Next Time
Jesus For President (yes I am slow reader and still reading it, and by slow I might just mean ADD)
Rediscovering Values
Brueggemann, articles on the Laments
Bonhoeffer, excerpts on Religion-less Christianity
(somehow I plan to read all of this in 5 days while attending wedding festivities and my ordination party, oh and time with family and friends, yes I am crazy, I mean ambitious.)

Destinations in Dallas:
Double Tree (not too excited I would rather do a random B&B outside of the city, or couch surf, but whatever, but the wedding is there so that is how it goes)
Mercy Wine Bar (Bachlorette)
The DMA (Friday funday)
Lee Harvery's (gotta love dive bars)
All Good Cafe (food)
The Pearl Cup (coffee)
My sisters and my parents homes.

Movie for the Plane:
New York, I love you

(Dani mentioned it on her blog and I think it will be a good mood setter for attending a wedding)

Activities for the plane:
Knitting (the same scarf I have been working on for over 2 years)

Jenny is going to make us a mix CD for the road, I am excited.

for time with family and friends
for long drives on Texas highways
for long chats with people I have missed for so long
for time to play with Cloe and Emory
for laughter with my mom and dad
for a beautiful happily ever after for Tori
for the blessing and celebrating of my ordination with family and good friends
for rest

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