Wednesday, October 22, 2008


As the 6 week of learning to be advocates for those in slavery is now at its end we are having an art show to share what we have learned. We are hoping to have at least 200 people there. We are using the event to both raise awareness and raise some money for organizations that are serving victims of human trafficking.

It is so exciting to see something that we have worked towards for months come in life, and it is also fulfilling to see it coming to its end. It has been beautiful hard work. We learned about the issue together, we investigated a suspected building, we gave up products that feed the slave trade, we created propaganda to raise awareness, and tomorrow we are hosting an art show.

This is what it is to follow in the Way of Jesus- it is a broken and hard road. I am in no way saying that I have done anything perfectly, or even all that well- but with other people beside me, we have sought to live the message of release of captives. We have attempted to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

This has been a beautiful experiment in living.

I am so grateful that I am in a position of freedom so that I can participate with others as we raise our voices and create art to call for an end to slavery.

Maybe I am idealistic, but I believe that we can end this in our lifetime- and people will really be free.

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