Monday, May 14, 2012

People don't get married in California.

In recent months I have been joking with my friends that I need to move back to TX, in order to get married because people don't get married in CA. This map has proved my point.

Now to decide do I want mountains, oceans, amazing hiking trails, cool weather, amazing culture, and fabulous San Francisco living more or less than I want a hubby?


Amber Inscore Essick said...

I'm going to suggest that these statistics are drastically affected by whether states have laws allowing for 'common law marriage' or not. Look at the difference between Alabama and Mississippi. There can't be that much of a difference between MS and AL!

Simple Diva said...

I bet that is true. You should also see the comments that came up on the facebook wall. Marriage as a legal thing is an interesting/odd topic.

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