Monday, June 2, 2008

the work

A few weeks ago when I was in Texas I wrote a few entries about not wanting to leave, but the idea of faith being an action of obedience and following. Faith cannot simply be a thought it has to be an active following after and seeking after God. So there was the tension- I love my home but I feel this push to someplace else, a push that I feel is from God.

So I have been reading about trafficking for a few days. The first time I read about it was last year and I knew then that someday somehow I was going to have to join the fight to end slavery.

I am more sure than ever that I need to be in this city at this time. Something is going to happen. I am not sure what and I beg you to pray with me for whatever it is. But something must happen and I believe that it will.

There are multiple cities in the US that are known to be high trafficking areas. San Francisco, Houston, LA, New York City, Atlanta, and more. I am in one of those cities at a time when awareness is on the rise. 

Trafficking thrives off the fact that people know so little about it. Most of us believe that slavery has been abolished. It has not. There is a new wave of abolitionists that have already laid the ground work for all of us to join the cause. Now that we know more we need to do the work to end slavery.

please check out:
Also if you read this talk to someone about it. Make it a goal of yours this week to talk to a friend about modern day slavery. 

27 million people- mostly women and children. 

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