Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goals for 2009 evaluated

So I just turned 27 (a few weeks ago) and the year is almost 3/4 done so I am evaluating my progress on these goals - I am bit scared b/c I don't think I am doing so hot.

My goals for 2009-

write meaningfully - doing it some, should do it more
run- maybe even race - doing some, need to do more
become 'gainfully' employed - completed the task today- it requires 2 jobs but I am on it
take the GRE and rock it - nope
go on a trip for fun- pure pleasure, nothing else (preferably one that involves a national park) - do day trips count?? I went to Big Basin last weekend
get one of the two major tattoos I want - appointment has been made :)
live the vows made with Seven - on it
hang out with my mom in San Francisco - DONE!! JOYFULLY DONE!!
Overcome my irrational fear of 'steep' things (yes I know I live in San Francisco and there are a lot of steep things- I am scared a lot) - working on it and getting better
start saving money to buy property - nope
remember how it feels to be deeply in love with my Creator - often yes
spend a weekend in silence - not yet
wear lipstick - yes
mail letters using the actual postal service - no
take pictures on film and develop them - lost my camera in Houston :(
decorate my room - nope I am homeless and couch surfing so this will have to wait
paint something honest - haha, I don't even want to go there
fight human trafficking - invite another community to do their own version of ABOLITION - I am leading it for a second time
prepare for ordination, get licensed and become a pastor - harder than expected but working on it
meditate on the cross with out forgetting the life of Jesus - I feel like I am growing in this area
meditate on the life of Jesus without neglecting the death and resurrection - I feel like I am getting this one more and more each day
paint my nails on a regular basis - nope they are still tiny bitten little nubs
visit my senators office in San Francisco - nope, but I have called
pray more - oh I have prayed so much more
love more - this year has taught me so much about loving people despite hurt and frustration
listen more - not sure that I can quantify this one, but I would say I am growing
ride my bike - nope, I hate hill the end
walk to work more - easy
be open to the new and adventurous - very open, I am not sure I have a choice!
take daring steps of faith - I feel like that phrase defines my life

Well that was a reality check. It has been an interesting year.

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Sarah said...

hey, you're not doing so bad! I've been anti-resolutions the past few years because they seem to be a way to list failures, but maybe it's time I keep track of a few goals of my own. congrats on the jobs, too!

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