Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have not written here in ages- I mean there have been some posts here and there, but I am not writing consistently or with the quality that I aspire to. I would love to say that my recent failure to post has been because I have been too busy 'living life' to write about it. Truthfully, I have just been too busy. Too busy to reflect; too busy to fulfill many of my commitments with care; too busy to take time to rest.

Each Friday my little android phone reminds me that I have Sabbath scheduled for Saturday, and each reminder is ignored. Last week I skipped out on a ONE campaign event, because I realized while most people get excited about their weekends to rest and have fun, I mostly think of all the work and commitments I have. It was amazing how skipping just one thing (well 2, I bailed on Sunday morning church as well) can really change a weekend. It was restful and wonderful, in fact it really was so great that I am going to post a very late reflection on it soon, but still a tad bit overstuffed.

I am afraid I am on the verge of burnout, but I have so much I want to and need do.

As I write this it strikes me as profound that the Sabbath is a commandment- taking one day off a week ranks up there with love God, don't kill people, tell the truth and don't have sex with other people's spouses. Seriously working 7 days a week ranks with murder and adultery? Add to that even before the 10 commandments were given from the beginning God made it a point to let us know that it took 6 days to create the world, then there was rest. A full day of rest. All seven days matter, 6 for work and 1 for rest.

So why is it that I think it is no big deal to ignore that little reminder? How is it that I fill my Saturday, my everyday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. rushing from one commitment to the next? Do I really think that God can create the universe and rest, but if I fail to run around for one day a week my friends will feel neglected, slavery will go unchallenged, my career as a faith leader will never come into existence, and really just about everything I care about will crumble? I hope my ego is not quite that over inflated, but actions speak louder than words.

Maybe next week I won't hit the dismiss button.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The inner dialog of a runner

Or at least the crazy talk that goes on in my head.

Lap 1 - I am already board and the goal is 4 miles
Lap 2- Already tired of running, there is no way I am going to make it to 3 miles - wait the goal is 4, crap
Lap 3- almost a 4th of the way to the finish
Lap 4- serious pep talk begins- a quarter of the way done- keep going
Lap 5-wondering thoughts
Lap 6- half way - nope not true the goal is 4 miles
Lap 7- just keep moving, I don't like this song
Lap 8- half way, you can't quit after half way, keep going
Lap 9- Just Dance- thank you Lady GaGa
Lap 10 - just a mile and a half more, I can do this
Lap 11- those people are faster than me, I should run faster
Lap 12- wait is this lap 12, it might be lap 11, shoot I lost count, I'll just have to add one
Lap 12- again
Lap 13- 3 more I can do this
Lap 14 - 3 more? seriously I need to find a way to count down better
Lap 15- lets say 2 more that way I will know for sure I did 4 miles
Lap 15- again
Lap 16- almost done, what if I do 5 miles, I should run the last part faster, unless I am running 5 miles then I don't want to waist all my energy going faster... but the faster I run the faster I am done, I can totally do 5 miles
Lap 17- I am doing 5 miles
Lap 18- so doing 5 miles, easy
Lap 19- almost done with 5 miles, so easy
Lap 20- what if I do 6 miles
Lap 21- yep doing 6 miles
Lap 22- I need better music if I am going to run 6 miles
Lap 23- The Killers, smile like you mean it
Lap 24- 6 miles done
Lap 25- walking
Lap 26- why are all the gates of this track locked?
half a mile walk home

6 miles done- half marathon in February? Bring it on

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